Polyurethane and polyurea spraying system: Wintermann1000 Pro

Wintermann 1000 Pro is a large, state-of-the-art, inexpensive machine for spraying, injecting and pouring polyurethane foam, polyurea coatings and polyurea hybrids.

Strength, high pressure, massive heating capacity and a hydraulic pump controlling the main pump’s cylinders are the key qualities of the machine which make a difference in those applications where we expect high quality of mixing, foaming and spraying of materials.

Wintermann 1000 Pro is an excellent alternative to larger, more expensive and heavier machines, offering superb performance at an attractive price. The system is equipped with lightweight heating hoses, a 300 recirculation system, transformer, and a small handy spray gun. Wintermann 1000 Pro is intended for use by medium-sized and large companies offering the application of two-component materials.

Wintermann1000 Pro can be used with selected foams, polyurea coatings and polyurea hybrids which are applied at the 1:1 ratio and require very high temperatures – up to 90 °C!

Thanks to its lightweight design and mobility, the system can be used not only at a construction site, but also in industrial plants and specialist car paint shops. Wintermann 1000 Pro is manufactured and intended for use at medium-sized and large companies. It does not require an expensive screw compressor.

Despite its compact design and attractive price, the machine successfully sprays the majority of commercially available closed and open-cell foams, polyurea coatings and polyurea hybrids.

Selected applications:

- 1:1 dosing of liquid materials
- Polyurethane foaming
- Spraying of polyurea and polyurea hybrids
- A specialist injection moulding machine
- Insulation of homes, special flooring
- Insulation of cold storage facilities, livestock buildings, hangars
- Insulation of basements, screeds, granaries, silos
- Sealing roofs, spraying vehicle chassis
- Waterproofing, roof membranes


- Drive: hydraulic cylinder for the main pump
- Dosing ratio 1:1, maximum efficiency: up to 12 kg/min (26,45 lb/min)*
- Viscosity 200-1000 CPS (at working temperature)*
- Heating hose 15m included, max. 90m (295ft)
- Hose for barrel pumps 2 x 3m included
- Barrel-transfer pumps included 10:1* (2 pcs)
- Self-cleaning spray gun XP4 included as standard equipment,
optionally: Wintermann Raptor IV
- Maximum heater heating capacity: 18.0 kW (2 x 9kW)*
- Maximum hose heating capacity: 3.5 kW*
- Maximum material temperature: 90 °C*
- Maximum pressure: 250 bar (25 Mpa)*
- Maximum pressure per one component: 260 bar (26 Mpa)
- Power supply: 3-phase / 400V, maximum power: 28 kW
- Compatible with a power generator
- Weight: approx. 400kg net / 450kg (882lb net / 991lb)
- Pressure in the hydraulic system: 8-12 MPa*
- Air supply: max. 8 bar (0.8 MPa) ~ 0.6 m3 / min.*
- Ambient temperature: -15°C ~ 40°C
- Main dimensions: ~ 1050×700×1450mm
- CE certificate
- We issue a certificate of training conducted by the authorized distributor
* We reserve the right to update or change this technical specification
** This folder is not an offer within the meaning of the law