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Quedex Sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa is the distributor and service provider for Wintermann trade mark in Europe. In accordance with our company policy, we provide you with a free of charge training in the use of spraying and pouring equipment at our offce and a whole range of warranty and post-warranty benefits. Our company is a manufacturer of various CNC and spraying machines. The Wintermann Raptor III Gun, recirculation and parking systems and other components are also designed and manufactured by us. We can design and manufacture equipment for special use or operating according to customers design. We provide the opportunity to lease or buy equipment on credit as we cooperate with many renowned leasing companies. Feel free to contact us or our any dealer in Your area.

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Bukowska 16
62-080 Sierosław, Poland

tel. +48 605 061 944
email: b i u r o @ n a t r y s k . c o m (please remove spaces)
Osoba kontaktowa: Jack

Maintenance center and repairs for two component machines.

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